Meet the unique Pitts Circus Family. The Parents Cecil and Sandy tour and perform all over the world. They are probably the only family doing a four high with family members only and Cecil Pitt certainly is the only human being on this planet that plays the banjo while balancing on his head while having a lit sparkler between his butt-cheeks. But the biggest skill of all is to keep the family together and make sure everybody is happy and content. The Pitts built their own tent, their own house and build and create magical moments for their audiences.

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In this movie we join this unique family on their journey from their home to a circusfestival in rural isolated Western Australia. You get to see behind the scenes of a travelling circusfamily, discover their challenges and their pleasures and you find out how and why their show is created. THE PITTS CIRCUS is a full length feature movie that will be screened at Filmfestivals and in Cinemas. Later the movie will be available online. This movie is the first Ethereum – Blockchain funded movie in the history. You can be part of the adventure if you buy a movie ticket or a share of the movie. During the next 20 years we share our net profit with our shareholders.

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We have created an Ethereum based Blockchain - coin. It is called ETHEREUM MOVIE VENTURE Coin. If you buy a movie ticket your receive 5 free Ethereum Movie Venture - Coins. If you want to be a big investor you can buy coins at exchanges that list Ethereum Movie Venture. For details see All coin-holders are  entitle to recieve a part of the net profit of this project during the next 20 years!

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