Interview with Ken Fanning

director of the worlds first Ethereum funded movie

Tell us about yourself

I am Ken Fanning
Fringe Hero
Punk film maker
Legendary creator of devilment.
I was raised in the grubby suburbs of Dublin.
I entered the world of entertainment at a very early age, by the time I was 13 I was watching at least 7 hours of television a night. I have been making films with no money in international locations with A list actors, in my head since I was four. I have won international awards for my work. Resourcefulness is central to my life, the ability to create whatever you can imagine with what you have at your fingertips. It is my mission to add beauty to this world doing whatever it takes, beg steal or borrow. Art is a hammer. Because of this I have a criminal record in 3 countries. Some call me a maverick, other call me a dickhead, I like to think I live in the space in-between (Dickrick).

Tell us about the movie The-Pitts-Circus Family

The Pitts are Rebels in the truest sense of the word. They refuse to get involved in the rat race and actively react against it in the most beautiful way. They are a real circus family making their living touring across Australia and the world playing as a family. They are outcasts, living on the margins of society and living and thriving successfully, many would think their life to be hard and yet it is so much more beautiful, fuller, and meaningful than most people could imagine.

And so of course I want to celebrate them and share them to the rest of the world. But rather than making a documentary about them we wanted to use our collective imaginations to make something unique. The Pitts Family Circus is a movie that follows the Pitts family circus on the road to the Western Australia circus festival. Join their strange family and be inspired to become strange.

Does the world need another independent movie

Of course it does, but what the world needs more is people engaging with independent artist and creative types. Art and culture is manufactured for us to consume by big corporations. Real art and poetry is to be found in the margins or the fringes, and needs to be searched for. But now days it’s getting easier to be found, thanks to the internet. Also I see a shift in how people choose to consume, more people are choosing to buy local grown food, or spend money in a small artisan coffee shops or drink unbranded craft beer, I love this movement, and I see a time where people stop consuming culture from Netflix and Spotify and start giving to local artists or artists from their communities.

Do we really need another feature cinema movie in the times of youtube, social media and reduced attention span?

The greatest rebellion to the over saturated, attention deficient world we live in, is to fill it with content that demands the opposite. Those of us who are sick of the noise will find the poetry and be better for it.  The cinema is still the great event of story telling, a huge screen in your city that you travel to to share the stories that define our generation. Its where we collective dream and see dreams. Consuming art from the laptop is a form of masturbation, the cinema is love, and if it is an independently made crypto financed movie project then it’s love with great sex.

What is the story with your crypto-finance-crowdfunding

My understanding of crypto currency has changed. I thought it was for just buying drugs and porn.
Now I see the real possibilities of this currency to be a real world changing radical event. It is changing the way I view money, its value and function. It has also introduced me to a global community of maverick thinkers in the wild west of new digital finance and it is exciting time out here. I like hanging out with cowboys and Indians but not sherifs, fuck the sherifs.

What are your next projects

I have 2 projects in the pipeline. We are currently refitting my bathroom and will be filming an entire feature length film in it. It is about 2 artists who decide to become a living art work and seal themselves off from the world. It’s a comedy called Bathroom.
The other project is called “No city for country men”. Its about a Belfast based country and western singer, who just cannot seem to make it in the city. Donal struggles and so travels to rural Ireland in search of success and redemption. It will feature the song and the man that is Donal Scullion, who is a singer song writer and Belfast legend.