going public

The shares of The Pitts Circus Movie is tradable!

  • There will be an ICO (initial coin offering) selling a limited amount of Ethereum Movie Venture Tokens starting march 20th on emovieventure.com
  • Shareholders that have bought shares already will recieve Ethereum Movie Venture  Tokens on their Ethereum-Wallet directly
  • the coin is already listed on three exchanges: cryptoderivatives.market  idex.market and EtherDelta
  • you can bet / predict the development of the price at gnosis and augur
  • the Ethereum Movie Venture Token-HOlders will recieve 75% of the net profit of the movie for the next 20 years (equivalent 50% for the 666 shares each 7000Ethereum Movie Venture Tokens)
  • Tokens will be distributed on may 8th 2017
  • a small amount of coins will be distributed to consumers, watching the movie online who buy the movie ticket before december 31st. 2017

For details see emovieventure.com