• script

the authors Tony Caradona (CH) and Ken Fanning (IRL) have finished 5th version of the script.

  • schedule

2017 jan/feb shooting in Western Australia
2017 march/april shooting in New South Wales, Australia*
2017 may-december post production & digital development (games, virtual reality adaption)
2018 jan-march film festivals all over the world
2018 april-december screening/airing/streaming on various vectors

  • the production company

aKenEvilThing is a swiss-based media production company. We are an association governed by the Swiss law founded bin 2014 and based in Burgistein, Switzerland. Our goal, enshrined in our statutes, are enabling and financing the production of medias in particular films and games.

The core of the company consists of 3 men an 3 women from Ireland, Sweden, Australia and Switzerland.

  • Ken Fanning (Ireland) Author & Director
  • Tony Caradona (Switzerland) Author & Producer
  • Tina Segener (Sweden) Digital Space Koordination (games & virtual spaces)
  • Bronte Webster (Australia) Artist – Actress
  • Gareth Bjaaland (Australia) Musician – Artist – Actor
  • Constanza Beckelmann (Switzerland) Backoffice & Music

At the moment we focus on the production of low-budget independent films and games with high impact.

  • financing

is in process, contact us for more details a glimpse of the budget, join us buying crypto-shares or buying a ticket for the movie

  • sponsors and partners

We are in the process of selecting sponsors and partners. Contact us now for more details.

  • locations

we will be shooting the movie in january and february 2017 in three locations: South-west of Western Australia, Melbourne and the Bernese Oberland (Switzerland)