In order to watch the full movie in HD send 10 Ethereum Movie Venture Tokens to this address: 0x2B53f37098549F17B786f3094588A862B3AF11E3

You will then recieve a link to your wallet on the ropsten test net. The link will be sent as a message in the message field of the transaction. This link will allow you to watch the movie during 24h.

This process might take some time, we are still in the process of automatisation.

Here is how you can see the link to watch the movie:

  • After having sent the tokens – got to
  • type in your Ethereumaddress from which you sent the tokens
  • click on search

  • Go to the last transaction
  • click on the TxHash
  • click on see more

  • click on view as

  • choose UTF-8
  • and you will see the link as: 0x use the link without 0x