Use the Ethereum Movie Venture Card

With this tutorial you will learn how to interact with the Ethereum Blockchain, access your wallet, add your token to your wallet, send a token from your wallet to another address and change the network. Basically you will end up as a blockchain expert!

  1. create an online wallet:
  2. choose software
  3. choose mnemnonic phrase
  4. Type in the code you have on your card (under the scrachable surface)
  5. click on continue (there is no password in your wallet)
  6. choose your wallet address (same as on card, usually the first)
  7. YOU ARE NOW IN THE BLOCKHAIN and you have full controll over all your digital assets!
  8. Send 10 Ethereum Movie Venture token to this address: 0x2B53f37098549F17B786f3094588A862B3AF11E3
  9. press send transaction
  10. confirm
  11. check your status on
  12. copy your own address by clicking here
  13. change the network to ropsten
  14. paste in your address
  15. you will get a message with the link to download the movie within a few hours here