Experts say blockchain technology could have an impact on society that is as disruptive as the internet. Bitcoin was the first blockchain that made the news. But the blockchain ecosystem is vast. Bitcoin is mainly used to store and exchange value. The next generation blockchains like ETHEREUM allow decentralised services, applications and networks and that are independent of third parties. The-pitts-circus ist the first Ethereum funded movie. It includes a smart contracts that is entitled to 20 years of ROI.

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The production company that is producing this movie will redistribute every year 50% of the net profit to all shareholders. Since the production costs of the movie are low the chance on a high ROI are intact. There are only 666 shares available. The smart contract is fair, transparent and since it is engraved in the Ethereum blockchain it is immutable.

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Our partners at are working on a global distribution system. The movie will be available on a blockchain based distribution system all over the world. This part of the project is still in progress. If you want to know get in touch and we brief you about the status.


Ico Sale

    A funny scary family horror-comedy

    Ethereum based investment

    low budget high ROI independent movie

    independent productions can gain a multiple ROI

    Production: 2017 in Australia and in Switzerland

    Filmfestivals end 2017

    Cinemas & VOD in 2018

    community involvement

    opportunity for ETHEREUM to reach mainstream


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